Blood of the Angels

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    Born of Silence

    The Quiet. . . The Mighty
    The Quiet. . . The Mighty

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    Born of Silence

    Post  Cricket on Wed Dec 30, 2015 4:35 am

    Silence. . . . . . . .
    A moment of silence for Darling Cruel. . . . . . .

    He has my utmost respect. Especially in this world of changing political rights and prejudices. Of course, so does Maris, but his is a different story....
    Darling stole my heart. He's Styxx, in my mind. Scarred beyond measure, betrayed by the woman he loves, except he was the youngest of the Sentella, and so was protected and trained as such. Heck, Fain and Dancer would still do anything for him.

    This story appeals to me in so many ways. . . . . Not the least of which is that the great Holter Graham read the audiobook, as opposed to Fred Burman. Not that I mind Fred Burman, but he doesn't have the same . . . . pizzazz. . . . . as Holter. The voice is just not the same. It's like the difference between Charlton Heston or James Earl Jones (may God rest their souls in eternal happiness) and the rest of the world. Indefinable, but tangible. Real.

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